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RiskOffice Classified

E, as it summarizes the responsible one for the area of fixed income of asset of the Ita, Aguinaldo Fonseca, the bank knew ‘ ‘ to bet in certain assets in the hours cenas’ ‘. In room place she was the Deliverer of Headings and Valores Mobilirios (DTVM) of the Bank of Brazil (BB), with […]

Cuban Revolution

latam., contributes to us thanks to BBC .com world. , that he does not have considers itself, that from the triumph of the Cuban Revolution, the Castro government has demanded in repeated occasions the return of the bay, where is the military station older than the United States has in the outside, and the […]

Sustainable Development

It is possible to modify the routes of the development for sustainable? The economic development, that depletes natural resources and the capacity of the biosfera to support our prerestitution, has exceeded limits and threat the planet. Although the lost time already in our comprovadamente unsustainable trajectory, is possible to modify its course to follow more […]

Partnereconomic Representation

Summary: As the social representations make possible to the people the perception of its proper thoughts, its ideas, its vision of world, its attitudes in relation to the daily life, constructing and reconstructing new representations, the moment arrived to understand as the diverse segments of the society of $fortaleza that inhabit the neighborhoods of the […]

Activated Screen

In this meantime the computer speaks. – Activated Screen open communications. When listening this the two extraterrestrial ones see in the screen a green head dark bald spot with three bluish eyes with three black points made use triangular mind two arms with three joints with a diameter of 16 cm finishing in a thick […]

The Day of the Americas

The Day of the Americas is an annual celebration that takes place the 14 of April in all the American republics, like symbol of its sovereignty and its voluntary union in a continental community. Every year, or by presidential or legislative promulgation, the Pan-American Day and the Week they are commemorated in great cities, towns […]

The Personal Marketing

I contribute for my church (either it which will be), I am one of the mantenedores. Already I am not a fidiciary office any. Thus also when I am part of the group of the ritual, the group of music, the group of visitation the sick people, prisoners, etc. etc. Already repaired that they are […]

Harvard House

This workmanship deals with subjects that normally are not boarded for the traditional economists, but that they are very interesting and instigantes. Academic: Postal Franciele Axe Professor: Fbio Helms University of Deep Step Social Communication Advertising and Propaganda V semester. The author of this workmanship is the economist and professor in the University of Chicago. […]

Classical Style

Plumbing in the classical style. Plumbing classic. It is always relevant in our bathroom. Leaving their design into the stories, nevertheless remains a classic to this day the most requested part in the performance of design. You must agree that most of the factories producing sanitary ware in the performance of their collections always involve […]

Public Education

This work had as objective generality the verification of the main problems and difficulty in the education of Sciences and Biology in the State Net of Education taking as referencial a school in the city of specific Peaks and as objective the brainstorming to brighten up the difficulty of cited education in the school in […]

Calm Software

the Calm Software, specialized in the management of the development of aplicativostransacionais of mission criticizes and aosnegcios colaborativos processes of support, carry through its first conference for users of South Brazil and regioCone of Latin America. ul. The Technology Day User Meeting aconteceem 26 of August, in the Renaissance Hotel, in So Paulo, of 9h […]