It is possible to modify the routes of the development for sustainable? The economic development, that depletes natural resources and the capacity of the biosfera to support our prerestitution, has exceeded limits and threat the planet. Although the lost time already in our comprovadamente unsustainable trajectory, is possible to modify its course to follow more sustainable passages each time. Although the current world-wide economic crisis is a risk of retraction of investments in ambient politics, more postponed being cannot the decision politics to undertake the sustainable development in the global amplitude that the gravity demands. They are necessary diverse and continuous strategies of recovery and conservation. We cannot do without knowledge and technology, whose use must be extended. Essential also it is the awareness of all the sectors of the society in the world for the efficient use of the water, the ground, the energy, for the rational consumption, responsible behavior, for the value of the corporeal properties, to daily preserve it of the life. We are the humanity stepping on in the delicate balance that in them is vital, at the moment to choose between continuing in the insustentabilidade or to be allied of the environment, to cause minor damage and to have the profit to exist.

Therefore, we need to invert the direction of the development and to change the quality of our economic, ambient and social relations. Why she is necessary? The activities human beings accumulate negative impacts on the nature. The not aguenta planet more the way to produce and to consume that it wastes natural and material goods. The insustentabilidade of the economic development accumulated until century XXI serious ambient problems in the world, gives if to become irreversible, the example of the global heating and changes climatic, impossible not to be sensible. For the population that grows, the economic development depletes natural resources and surpasses the capacity of the biosfera to support degradation and the production of dejections in superior speed to natural or technological regeneration.