In this meantime the computer speaks. – Activated Screen open communications. When listening this the two extraterrestrial ones see in the screen a green head dark bald spot with three bluish eyes with three black points made use triangular mind two arms with three joints with a diameter of 16 cm finishing in a thick hand with one 20 cm, and 6 fingers. The eyes follow the two if to accomodate. Nairun looks at the screen per some instants, and speaks with the voice more would be that it obtains. – I am Nairun commander of the ship of research Vaslante 2, where I can help it. When finishing the phrase it observes in the screen that head, that suddenly, of the nothing appears a great mouth with few but great teeth, the mouth makes ample movements as it was bocejando and at the same time tried to chew some thing, almost synchronized with these movements one you lightly mechanics if makes to hear. This has taken delay in the synchronization was due to the translator, who in all the ships translated the messages automatically.

– Nairum Commander, I am Trighty commander, we are making a transport between Torpct and Restbor and intercept a message coming of an area not mapeada in the edge of the galaxy, the message is very old, and of an area that if thought to be uninhabited for intelligent life. The great mouth if closes after saying to the phrase and the eyes if they fix in Nairun, above of the three eyes and soon below of the eyes that are more below of the central eye, where finished that one bocarra a part of that green skin if it wrinkles. Nairun franze the forehead, and is some second static, and suddenly it starts to speak quickly. – Trighty Commander, I thank the information, but it would be most coming if we fossemos a ship of exploration with a crew prepared for an evaluation of ' ' first contato' '.