E, as it summarizes the responsible one for the area of fixed income of asset of the Ita, Aguinaldo Fonseca, the bank knew ' ' to bet in certain assets in the hours cenas' '. In room place she was the Deliverer of Headings and Valores Mobilirios (DTVM) of the Bank of Brazil (BB), with ten deep classified as excellent ones for the RiskOffice. As well as the BankBoston, the BB also registered an exemplary jump in the comparison of the research. In the previous one, that it considered the year of 2004, the DTVM of the BB appeared with only one deep ' ' verde' '. According to executive manager of deep special of the institution, Fernando Manuel Ribeiro, the result can be explained by the internal reorganization of initiated team has six months and for the training of the professionals. The most important E, considered, was the synergy created between the areas, through the creation of Committees that had helped to mark out with buoys decisions.

In fifth place in the research of the RiskOffice it was the Harvest, with nine investment funds for institucional investors. In the sequncia, lcatu Hartford reached seven deep ' ' verdes' ' , followed for Citibank and Santander, both with six deep excellent each. With five deep ones classified well, they had tied up to four managers: Bradesco. HSBC and Pactual. With four it comes the Factor. With two deep greens they come the ABN Amro, BNP Paribas, Dynamo and Rural. With deep ' ' verde' ' , they had been classified: Banif Primus, BBM, Bresser, Future Generation, Mellon Brascan, Our Box, Panamericano, Paulista and deep Schroder.Critrios to understand rankingOs are analyzed and classified for the RiskOffice in accordance with its yield and volatileness. The classification also takes in account the category and the profile of risk of the deep one. The study it analyzes deep only the open ones, come back toward institucional investors.