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LinkedIN Program

Perhaps if you want more customers, you you find that the social marketing is the reply that you have looked for. In the truth, many people are using traditional methods of marketing and had concentrated themselves completely in social marketing. For that reason, I decid to give the one looked at deepest one in the […]


The reality of the market evidences the competitiveness that the companies are inserted. In this direction, the satisfaction of the public-target gained greater importance in the context of the management, since it makes possible the conquest and fidelizao of the customers. The untiring search of the companies for the immediate return and the profitability of […]

The Personal Marketing

I contribute for my church (either it which will be), I am one of the mantenedores. Already I am not a fidiciary office any. Thus also when I am part of the group of the ritual, the group of music, the group of visitation the sick people, prisoners, etc. etc. Already repaired that they are […]