I contribute for my church (either it which will be), I am one of the mantenedores. Already I am not a fidiciary office any. Thus also when I am part of the group of the ritual, the group of music, the group of visitation the sick people, prisoners, etc. etc. Already repaired that they are always the same ones? The phenomenon, by the way, if reproduces in the schools, the clubs, the fraternities (they are the ocultistas, they are therapeutical as alcoholic anonymous and its same types). I belong, I I participate, I I am part of the group! Logical that this will not be gratuitous! In all way, what all and any church offers? To assure to the fidiciary office that it is effectively acting to save its soul, that is, is proceeding in agreement an ethical code and moral rigorous, exactly that pparently, to receive one it rewards in the plan espiritual.& rdquo; Corroborating the idea of the presence of the Marketing in the religions the reader still cites Joo Pablo II: & ldquo; he travelled more than what all the too much Popes of all the congregated times, and were received by all the great leaders politicians from the planet, drew well this idea of marketing. Who not if it shows is not remembered.

Therefore, to the being recently beatified, the reaction of the new generations of catholics, as much that the rapaziada one liked it, impressive was impressive. was not for being a modernista, innovative leader. What it had of being dogma, continued dogmtico. He is that the young needs the authority, of the reference & rdquo; Without a doubt the former-Pope had some necessary attributes to a great leader: charismatic, witty, calm, intelligent and of action. The Personal Marketing of the Pontiff was very good. Another reader also pointed out the fact of the Brazilian people always to be opened to some beliefs, & ldquo; many catholics who frequentam cultured evanglicos, as well as many catholics exist who frequentam espritas sessions.