Back Space: It retrocedes to correct errors typed in the current line. It excludes characters the measure that the cursor puts into motion for the left. Tab: It serves to divide paragraphs. Alt gr.: It searchs third to carcter.

Delete: it erases the seleccionado content. Page-up: it serves to go in the first page. Page-down: To go until the last page. In a Lock: Asset and desactiva the numerical block. The keyboard key Print Screen: It captures the current screen is as to take off a photo of the screen, later you it can use the Paint glue using shortcut CTRL+V and will be able edits-there or in any another publisher of images. The Windows keyboard key (of the window drawing): This keyboard key opens the menu To initiate in it sings inferior left of its screen. You with mouse in the button have the same effect of when clica to initiate.

In my humble opinion, the only thing so that this keyboard key is good is for Microsoft to vender keyboards. Numerical keyboard keys: they be situated of the right side of the keyboard, are destined for numerical operations and mathematical calculations. Former: 0 the 9. 3.CONCLUSO Good to start to operate a computer one of the first things well that we have to learn is so that they serve some keyboard keys, whose names we are not made familiar. In these times the society has needed very the keyboard because he is used to type text in processors or publishers of texts, electrnico post office, electrnica spread sheet or any application that have manual entry of data for digitao.