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I do not have idea of how it can be gotten to feel so much, and do not know if somehow mostrarte can is all it within my heart, but djame to I love you begin saying that because it is the unique phrase that equals in intensity which I I feel by you. Behind […]

Corporative Right

Enterprise deconcentration has many purposes between which it emphasizes the reflotamiento, thus we must study this so important subject within the corporative right, which we have carried out in another it soothes, reason by which we did not develop the same, not to repeat knowledge or offered or to offer in another opportunity. That is […]

Chicago Winds

To be able is as the Indians from Illinois called to this city and seems that throughout the years, Chicago has made honor to its name. City of infinite skyscrapers, not in vain counts on highest of the USA, resurged of ashes of the great fire of 1871 that devastated 17,000 buildings and more than […]

Brindsi Port

We have once again left the beautiful port of Brindisi, after spending its summer in him, where a new one could be perceived to appear again of its tourism that has not been so dynamic in the last years, by several factors, especially the economic one, the recession, unemployment and one of the aspects that […]

The Day of the Americas

The Day of the Americas is an annual celebration that takes place the 14 of April in all the American republics, like symbol of its sovereignty and its voluntary union in a continental community. Every year, or by presidential or legislative promulgation, the Pan-American Day and the Week they are commemorated in great cities, towns […]

Being Family

This problematic one jeopardizes the possibilities of development and perdurabilidad of the democratic systems of these countries. And this for a reason: the education is the cure against the totalitarian tyranny and regimes. Consequently, the tyranny is the result of the ignorance. On the matter it affirmed Franklin Youngest child: nation of men good informed, […]