I do not have idea of how it can be gotten to feel so much, and do not know if somehow mostrarte can is all it within my heart, but djame to I love you begin saying that because it is the unique phrase that equals in intensity which I I feel by you. Behind I love you there are so many things, does not reach the time nor the space to me to express everything what I have wanted but I know that you will understand the fundamental thing. The wonders are so many that you do to me to feel and to live, are so many the moments of joy and illusion. Read additional details here: Jeffrey Hayzlett. Your name takes each beat to it of my heart. Or it is behind schedule and I must take leave for today, but I do it very moved because I know tomorrow I will write to you again for contarte that I have dreamed about you, or to perhaps it writes you later for decirte that to me I passed thinking it about you all that time. Oh my love! My eternal and awaited love! I will ask to stars take to me tonight, I do not want to happen more far nor second..