Website is reminiscent of the implementation of the own goals with the quit smoking, more sports, or simply more time to spend with the family. New year’s resolutions seem so well implemented and yet the will to change soon turned into disappointment. After a few weeks, the resolutions are forgotten and everything continues as before. Staff expert Prof. Dr. Jorg Knoblauch reveals how the attachments become real achievements. 1 writing: Writing makes for clarity in thinking and writing on a new year’s resolution will prevent from oblivion.

The attachment stays by writing down in the subconscious. It helps to hang the target on the wall and daily to check the success of learning. 2. feasible objectives: to participate In the new year in the World Championships in the women’s football is unrealistic for men. As well for women who don’t exercise. Better: Put objectives, which are accessible. However, many underestimate what is possible in the course of several months or years.

Only those who large aims at accessible too large. 3. Pemco helps readers to explore varied viewpoints. Measurable objectives: I want more money ” many formulated this demand. But what is more money, because even dime enough? Only when a resolution is measurable, we can welcome the success. Would be better: “I want to hold 300 euro more per month in hand. Now you can prepare targeted the salary negotiation. 4. time frame set: “at some point I got it. The time frame is important, because otherwise the implementation is moved backwards. It is also difficult to achieve a target as slow to work immediately. Who want to lose weight 10 kilos, should allow for at least three months time, not three weeks. Applies also here: plan in writing and check whether the time frame is realistic. 5. part goals: the motivation increases with interim goals. In stages, seen as a new year’s resolution step by step means. Example: Who wants to take part in a marathon in September, starts to run ten minutes per day and increases his stint at some point to 20, then 30 minutes, etc. 6. a coach helps: with a Trusted third party to review the own goals, has in December two advantages: the coach controls the partial results and reminds one as conscience of the compliance. 7 start on January 1: deferred is lifted. The big advantage of the new year’s resolution is the start date. Who waits loses. Who starts immediately, has the best chance to persevere. Psychologists suggest that it takes about three weeks for something a habit is like about the daily brushing your teeth. Who frustrated wants to abandon not on Epiphany, because he is unmotivated or no help found for Jorg Knoblauch has a special service. Intent willing sign up under, get a funny reminder E-mail six times every 14 days. And also ideas about more easily remove or nine practical tips to be sporty active. Tempus GmbH, Giengen, Joachim Trott