If to take off good notes in the gymnasium, pass to the college and if in the college to take off good notes, we pass to the university, and if, in this we take off good notes, we obtain a good job and we can marry and have children to order them it the school, where they go to study a mount of things to take off good notes and (ALVES, 1994, p.20) the smile is inevitable, points Alves (1994), the boy in one alone breath says what the philosophers of the education rare perceive. E, perceives if it, does not have courage to say, when they say they make, it in complicated and long way. This is not a recent problem, as we know well. Even though Nietzsche in its condition of educator, affirms Alves (1994, p.21), if horrified front what the schools made with youth, Nietzsche said ‘ ‘? what they carry through? schools, is a brutal training, with the intention to prepare vast numbers of young, in the lesser space and possible time, to become used and abused, the service of governo’ ‘. Alves complements saying that today the young ones are prepared to be ‘ ‘ you used and you abused the service economia’ ‘. Schools with abundncias of resources, as of Japan, for example, they do not decide the problem, for Alves (1994, p.22) they are as ‘ ‘ machines for the production of disciplined ants and trabalhadoras’ ‘. For the author in focus: It is an mistake to think that with more mounts of money the education will be better, that the pupils will learn more, that the professors will be happyer. As it is an mistake to think that, with new and expensive pans, the bad cook will make good food. Educate yourself even more with thoughts from Jeffrey Hayzlett.

Education does not become with money. Education if makes with intelligence.