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If to take off good notes in the gymnasium, pass to the college and if in the college to take off good notes, we pass to the university, and if, in this we take off good notes, we obtain a good job and we can marry and have children to order them it the school, […]

Characterization Of The Valena City

The current territory of the city of Valena, for occasion of the discovery of Brazil, was inhabited for aboriginals Aimores and Tupinabs or brazilians, of pacific nature. When D. Joo III, King of Portugal, in 1534, divided Brazil in Hereditary Captainships, that area was pertaining to the captainship of Is Jorge of the Ilhus, under […]

Great War

This difference of technology is affected directly in the nutricional field, with the industrial revolution and the great navigations, the search for new techniques of production, hand of workmanship and substances cousins to supply the advances of the manufactures of ocidente. With this advance of the commerce and the industry the cities come gaining a […]

National Party

In this direction, one of the justifications that this guides initiative is the subject to be come back toward a so present subject not only in the reality of the mouroenses, but also of the visitors who degustam the typical plate of the city of Mouro Field, beyond privileging the National Party of the Sheep […]

Revolutionary Politics

During three years, of 1972 up to 1975, all a region was conflagrada by one ‘ ‘ war revolucionria’ ‘: The fight stopped in the Araguaia possesss deep meant politician. The Brazilian people, oppressed for one defames dictatorship, anxious of freedom and of independence, he has in this fight a manifestation, authentic and consequent, of […]