To be able is as the Indians from Illinois called to this city and seems that throughout the years, Chicago has made honor to its name. City of infinite skyscrapers, not in vain counts on highest of the USA, resurged of ashes of the great fire of 1871 that devastated 17,000 buildings and more than 6.5 kilometers of the metropolis. For that reason, one of its main attractiveness is the modernity with they reconstructed which it at the beginning of the SXX. Parks, infinite beaches, a lake with a surface of more than 58,000 km and the Chicago river from which a route by the city can be done are some of their attractiveness. Well-known like the city of the wind or the second city, the city of Obama has happened to be called. And it is that, one has become partly of the history of the country for being where the first black president of the USA initiated his race. This is not chance and is that Chicago has been an important center for the organization of the black community. But the interest that has this city is not fruit of marketing because Chicago has a fan of options very different that to offer.

With a continental climate the best time to visit it is the summer since they concentrate a great number of festivales and celebrations, besides being able to enjoy the many beaches that the Michigan Lake has. The lodging is not a problem because there is a great number of shelters in Chicago that have all type of comforts to prices that go from the 11 Euros to the 25 in a single room. This great metropolis with almost 3 million inhabitants has been abriendo throughout its history to the different cultures that arrived to remain to a full place of opportunities. .