Obama intends to outsource to GM of the reduction of your unsecured debt (amounting to around USD 28. 000 million) and of financial obligations to its employees (estimated at US $20. 000 million). In relation to the first point, the presidential car Group (GPA) of United States recently sent a Committee of 15 people to reach an agreement with creditors and transform the debt not secured on shares in the company (by a percentage that would go from 10% to 20%). Currently, the debt of General Motors, including the loans received by the U.S. Government, over $60.

000, figure that for considered by Henderson, is untenable. To make matters worse, the prospects for the company’s sales are, logically, more than negative in a context of deep global recession, the generation of resources make it difficult. It is clear that in this scenario, the survival of GM is more than complicated. The key date for GM is June 1, day on which the deadline given by us President so that the signature can close the details of its restructuring. That date is that many point to as the day that GM enters bankruptcy.

And as if the problems of solvency of the company were not enough, GM will have reviewed about 1.5 million vehicles in the United States to discover a problem that could cause fires in the engine compartment. GM break can represent a serious impact to the US economy. And this negative impact would be much of a direct or indirect mode. It is beyond of the potential losses of jobs and bankruptcies of companies that can generate, this fact would sow the economic context of uncertainty causing a direct impact on the recovery of the American economy. The potential bankruptcy of GM would also have a negative impact on Europe. An eventual bankruptcy of General Motors, which could lead to the liquidation of the car brands Opel and Vauxhall, would generate an impact of 19.