This problematic one jeopardizes the possibilities of development and perdurabilidad of the democratic systems of these countries. And this for a reason: the education is the cure against the totalitarian tyranny and regimes. Consequently, the tyranny is the result of the ignorance. On the matter it affirmed Franklin Youngest child: nation of men good informed, who have been taught to know and to award the rights that God has given them, cannot be enslaved. He is in the area of the ignorance where begins the tyranny.

Mentally ill citizens, without root and identity in a family, without development of character and without citizen formation is culture broth so that the dictatorial and tyrannical regimes proliferate. Final reflection the parents need to assume responsibly their roll like training educator and for their children. This task implies as it express Manuel Barroso: Sacar from the organic and emotional interioridad of the son, the person who is contained Formar is to model for the life: esteem, and own valuation, determination, confidence in itself, center, anger, values and principles, excellence and quality, style of life. And the same author adds: Formar to a son is to give him to information and tools so that it learns the art to live, a productive life, with personal competitions and family, to face the surprises of the life: successes and mistakes, virtues and defects, being responsible for its own life. The parents, like part of their roll of training educators, are responsible to provide structures, order and limits in the context of the family. This includes: a total experience of being familiar (to experienciar itself like family), who him of the children a sense of root, identity, entailment, property and location; decided principles and governing values, jeopardize and practiced by the familiar nucleus; familiar time of quality; and the construction of a beautiful familiar culture (the spirit of the family, the climate or atmosphere of the home, its character, the depth and the quality and maturity of the relations, in other words, the mentality of us).

To educate implies in addition is present in the home, through nutritious contact, that informs, tutorea, instructs, molds, enables, qualifies and affirms; besides modeling. It concludes Manuel Barroso: As educating the parents touch the essential, the medullary thing, the intimate thing of the people: maps, values, beliefs, respect by itself, on the other, by the life, the institutions, the laws. Bibliography: 1. Muddy Manuel, Being Family, Galac Editorial, 2006 2. McDowell Stephen, Mark G, Biblical Beliles A (1992), Principles for the Reformation of the Nations. 3.