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Work carried through with living pupils of peripheral Cask the Public Net of the City of Salvador – Bahia. The children in the etria band of 06 years, deriving of low income families, low cultural level, some lived with the grandmothers other children of separate parents, many of them extremely aggressive alcoholics, numerous families (the […]


Grigorio Duarte Grandson Ana Beatriz Sousa Cerqueira (Orienting) SUMMARY the present work aims at to demonstrate the importance of the daily one of classroom as instrument of register of making professor and, to the step that also serves of base for the accompaniment and evaluation on the part of pedagogo in such a way next […]

Language Change Jobs

As we have said many times, except when you’re just in love with the language and teach it to yourself to learn the language needed for a specific purpose. You should know clearly that goal and to realize, for what it is you every day master the language. Learning a language – quite a serious […]

San Francisco

Stephen Jay Gould, scientist and American educator, observed the question of the introspective talent, a talent that was latent and when he was stimulated to evolve it, obtained high progressos. Thus it made it in comparison the life of one of the biggest names of the botany in the world, Charles Darwin: ‘ ‘ Absolutely […]

Observing the remote events of the implantation of the Brazilian and world-wide education, we can perceive the influence that the State and the society, among others factors have exerted on the school. Much if has said on the expansion of a democratic school, that takes care of to all the layers of the society, over […]

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Since then, these populations had developed different ways of use and handling of the natural resources and distinct forms of social organization between itself. Consensus also does not exist, between the archaeologists, on the seniority of the occupation human being in the South America. Until it has some years, the more accepted point of view […]