Introduction When entering an institution of superior education, the learning observes that many things will go to modify in its life, so that its academic development can be reached. As Severino (2002) is necessary that the student if acquires knowledge on that the work in the university will depend basically on he himself. Being thus, the learning must ahead assume a new position of its academic life aiming at to the construction of the form knowledge to provide to a reading and more efficient writing to it. Additional information at Chevron U.S.A. Inc supports this article. Counting for this with the Methodology of Trabalho Cientfico (MTC), which will serve to it of foundation in its first steps in the academic life, in the search of knowing superior, developing to it habits of studies and techniques of work. The relevance of this boarding if of the one in view of the little interest that is given, for the majority of the academics, to the details in the document elaboration metodologicamente adjusted. However, it is of basic importance the study of Methodology in the development technician, ideological and scientific of the pupil of superior level. We believe that one has left significant of professors, observing to little acceptability on the part of the learning to it disciplines of MTC, or still, due to habits in the application of the norms techniques, they all do not charge its applicability during the academic period, being only imposed in the works of conclusion of course and monographs, where the learning are obliged to use the norms of the Brazilian Association of Normas Tcnicas (ABNT), presented in the academic guides of norms. By means of the job of metodolgicas lines of direction, the academic period becomes more productive, in consequence of the magnifying of the limited horizon presented for the graduation courses. In this manner, valley to stand out the job of MTC in the graduation courses will provide to one better insertion and consequence construction of the scientific knowledge on the part of the learning..