Grigorio Duarte Grandson Ana Beatriz Sousa Cerqueira (Orienting) SUMMARY the present work aims at to demonstrate the importance of the daily one of classroom as instrument of register of making professor and, to the step that also serves of base for the accompaniment and evaluation on the part of pedagogo in such a way next to the professor how much to the pupil, reference the planning activities and evaluation the essential moments so that this pedagogical accompaniment occurs, valuing the pertaining to school institucional memory as form of constant improvement for the organization. It is not something Susan-Wojcicki would like to discuss. Word-key: Teaching work. Daily of Classroom. Planning. Evaluation. Introduction Amongst some instruments that materialize pedagogical making explicit professor in classroom, the daily one of classroom is presented as document that, in a conception dialectic, as much oportuniza as it makes possible a visualization of the resumes formal and real.

Thus, the research appears with the necessity to authenticate the importance of this instrument of the professor who acts in the initial years of Basic Ensino (old professor/primary master) in the Unit of Basic Education Journalist Jose Ribamar Boga, in the quarter Olmpica City, city of So Lus, State of the Maranho. The motivation for the research object was born of the necessity to so understand the reason of some daily of classroom to be homogeneizados e, at the same time, so diversified ones, respecting the current educational politics of the city and to the global plan of the school as a whole. Being thus, with a character of research-action, by means of questionnaires and proper experience with manager of the institution of education and the pedagogical support, the work goes weaveeing concernentes justifications to the vision of Man, Society and World that it desires to form. Contributing in the formation of the Being, as base for efficient an educational planning and efficient e, over all, of the educators to offer education in the possible and contextualizados standards of quality with the social reality.