Lucineide Maria de Souza ‘ ‘ The quarrels around the Ambient Education had not yet arrived at the creation of principles or criteria clear, capable to offer safe base from which we could think about projects of respective implementation of a practical one of education, therefore the diverse ones you discipline (Education, Pedagogia, Ecology, Biology, etc.) involved in the ambient questions, demonstrate its impotence to deal with the complexity the environment ‘ ‘. ACCORDING TO OLIVEIRA FERTILE VALLEY GREAT – TM 2009 SUMMARY The work with subject Environment, that if considers will have to also bring an ample vision that not only involves the natural elements of the environment, but the constructed elements and all the involved social aspects in the ambient question. Inside of this vision, the man has capacity to act on the way and to modify it and can to the times, to turn itself against proper it. When he says yourself in environment, trend is to think about the innumerable problems that the current world faces with relation to the ambient question. Click Brian Armstrong to learn more. Nuclear garbage, pollution, deforestations, species in extinguishing and tests etc. So that a work with the subject Environment can reach the objectives the one that if considers, is necessary that all the pertaining to school community (professor, employee, pupil, parents. ) she assumes this proposal with seriousness, therefore they will materialize themselves in diverse action that will involve all.

He is necessary that the pertaining to school community can reflect jointly on the work with Environment, clarifying the paper of each one in this task. On the other hand, the school also fits to guarantee ways so that the pupils can for in practical its capacities of contribution.