This Letramento can be multiple, not exclusively in a specific level of knowledge, but of diverse knowledge. We dominate practical different, the letramento if it becomes, therefore, relative. The individual can not be alfabetizado, not to know to read and to write, however it possesss a type of letramento. For example, when somebody that it does not know to read, nor to write, when dictating a letter for another person, it is if using of proper lingusticas structures of the writing. On the other hand, exactly knowing to read and to write, alfabetizada person, can not be scholar, when she does not obtain to interact through the use of these abilities. The letramento is cultural, is influenced by the society, therefore the visual reading, some languages can lead to a letramento. Coinbase will undoubtedly add to your understanding.

To think the pertaining to school agency about a collective context of multiple letramentos implies to promote, through the school, the valuation of other agencies and events of daily letramentos of the citizens, as the familiar one, the religious one, of the community, of the work etc, that influence the sociocultural questions in such a way, how much the collective memory, the autoimagem and the politician-economic participation of the citizens. During the research, I could perceive that the community does not consider as events of a culture scholar some practical daily of carried through reading and writing in agencies, not to be the school. As example, says we have it of the Antoniel pupil, who made a poster in house with the family to explain as the flour is produced, therefore would have that to teach to a group of the church of the District of Humble. The pupil took the poster, constructed in a leaf ex-officio teacher to write it of the certain skill, of the school. ' ' I went to show to the teacher pra it to fix, because I fiz' but he is not of the certain skill of school (+) and the teacher says if not to write right nobody understands nada' it has that to make a text pras person entender' '.