Optimum media it continues says being it, all had technology as modern it did not have, immediately, intention to substitute another existing one. The question always was the perfectioning, as said before. The sprouting of new technologies does not have to be seen as something terrifying, one ' ' animal papo' ' that it goes to swallow the half conventionals, exactly thus the school does not have simply to adhere to these new technologies as if another option did not remain it. The introduction of such tools must before be prepared in all the possible aspects, since the physical structure, financial e, mainly the professor. The pedagogical area, the way as such technologies goes to influence the education and the formation of the pupils is deserving of special attention on the part of the system of education in a general way.

The computer has brought for itself all the attention in the area of educational technology absorbing for itself all the technologies in communication and information. However, the use of the computer, as of any another tool, must take in account its use as tool adjusted for determined activities and not its use as one ' ' King Sol' ' of the technology. Data this new concept and ranks we ahead see in them of a situation where the professor, definitively, is a perpetual pupil, having to look to one constant perfectioning of its techniques of education and methodologies as form of reach of the good performance of its activities as well as the advance and the appropriation of the knowledge on the part of its pupils. The use of the nets as a new form of interaction in the educative process consequentemente extends the action of communication between pupil and professor promoting the interchange between education and culture. To educate with the aid of the Internet breaks barriers, diminishes the isolation of the classroom, becoming the pupil most independent.