The searched workers super value the school. They believe that the same one possesss the power to open doors for an excellent job, to transform them into respected and honored citizens. It is an exclusive bridge for the social equality and the economic development. When accepting the argument of that through the school he is only possible to have education and qualification to live in society, the workers deny the value of its daily experience, discrediting of what the life taught to it. However, when they arrive in find it the school in a chaos: old building and badly conserved, if new with structural problems; professors badly prepared, badly remunerated and unsatisfied; inexistence or precariousness of didactic material. With this, we know that the school will not be able, without exceeding these barriers, to offer the worker to know adjusted to its interests.

Since it only interests the workers for sus possibility to extinguish the social and economic injustice of its lives. The pertaining to school institution must transform the man into an entire being, defied for the craft to produce its life, to invent new forms of social convivncia. A school where let us can knowing in them, to know the production historical of negations and affirmations that constitute in them, to know the possibilities to move to intervine in these marks, being articulated our personal dreams and desires with the collective ones, potencializando new processes of emancipation. Therefore we cannot accept the idea of that the school serves only for ‘ ‘ to manufacture ninguns’ ‘ for the system. Beings incapable to think, to fight per better days. Passive and mentally ill beings to a sanguinrio, calculating and capitalist system that only aims at profits, that the proper benefit only curls. All we desire quality schools public, that form citizens independent, capable to promote changes and to transform the reality unjust its return. The school can and thus must be.

But for this, all that form the pertaining to school community have that to join themselves and to fight next to the responsible agencies for the same one, quality in the education and structure of the school, benefiting all the ones that it composes, unconditionally, without exclusions, nor inaqualities. It is not an easy battle. However, we cannot give up. We must believe and search changes. The way is long and arduous, but all joined we can try to change the Brazilian educational reality. It does not depend only on the Public Power. It also depends on us.