Reviewer: Sovereignty Albert Metzler, Platinum news, Cologne is something that everyone wants. A panacea or a magic solution for sovereignty – thank God – never will be. How are whatever the individual characteristics of a person, one thing is certain: they are always multiform and also subject to a complex interplay and the most diverse, constantly changing influences. And a classification of the properties of people in certain categories may seem Although superficially plausible, cannot endure as explanation for widely distributed constellations alone however. It is accordingly difficult to prove sovereignty with very unique characteristics. Certain properties of sovereign personalities can be quite separate itself, but it is less these features itself, which lead to the sovereignty instead it arrives on the respective forms of thereof, and on the interaction of all aspects.

So it is almost impossible to be individual ingredients call it a colorful compendium put together and claim to have declared sovereignty. The nature of a people can be just not reduced to a simple formula, all one-dimensional reasoning must here inevitably lead you astray. However properties and behaviors can be worked out, which are indispensable to develop individual sovereignty, others are absolutely counterproductive and prevent a confident picture of a person. Sovereignty by no means requires perfection in all areas, rather it comes again to sabotage the harmonious interaction of multiple qualities not through a big shortcoming on another page. Easily we can think us a people who for example in professional life overall very far-sighted and confidently evidently mastered an acute problem, but then at some point, caused by a trifle, but again loses control. There is suddenly a choleric Outbreak that shoots far beyond the objective and devoid of all objectivity, remains the previous sovereign inaction in the consciousness but ultimately only the excessive consecutive reaction. Almost always, each gained sovereignty like a soap bubble can burst quickly: even if ten times proves the properties a sovereign personality of the equity and perception but again very different stands if the version is lost for the 11th time.