The mind loves what is known: this is a point that does not clear in the film the secret when referring to the law of attraction, notes that people focus on something and soon materialize these wishes, this relative ease It works only for what is familiar to the mind, our subconscious mind moves under certain known limits, it is true that those borders are growing, but do so slowly that the process of change does not feel, is similar to being in a bathtub where the water rises a degree gradually, soon we will be at an elevated temperature unless you have experienced it tooThis adaptation process is called, the great disadvantage of this is that many goals and objectives are of an urgent nature and we need that processes can accelerate, then what to do in these cases? We now know that the power of thought and the application of the law of attraction do not work easily for experiences that are far removed from our conscious, for example limits if someone receives a salary of 1500 euros a month and then you want to visualize 30,000 euros a month, then what? The subconscious mind perceives that it is going too far away from its present boundaries, those thoughts have low possibilities of materialize promptly, but yes they are possible, we may ask what can I do to speed up the achievement of my goals? It is necessary to propose us actions from where we are, otherwise never we pluck and the most important thing is to use all possible strategies that will help us expand the frontiers of our conscious experiences, the book by changing our system of beliefs to achieve the success of Steve Alpizar shows a huge range of strategies to achieve breaking paradigms on the inside and undo the inertia mental keep it in the same conscious experiences, by reading this book you will know the precise form of the mental programming and how successful people have been able to insert into your subconscious mind the ideas of change, will experience liberation to understand the precise way to model his life. One of the main reasons why many people abandon their ideas for change is because they not stand the pressure of the mind defending its territory, i.e. Perhaps check out Mining for more information. refuses to extend the conscious experiences, this It usually brings suffering, thus explained because when you start with ideas completely new arise an enormous amount of inconvenience, all that is within us, Steve Alpizar explains this in detail, but the most important thing is that the book by modifying our belief system to achieve success shows how to defeat these resistances of the mind that are only in usthe good thing is knowing that all responsibility is on us, so we can exercise control. Achieve the transformation of our lives is something phenomenal, they invade us positive feelings, here is in where life is becoming magic, these changes require commitment, dedication, overcome testing and strength, are prepared to have a different life? If it is not then congratulations, you have entered into the scarce group of those who have decided to take control of our lives, success, wealth, health and happiness are waiting for you..