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Mount of So Paulo, exuberant place where the essence is denied, where the appearance is only seen. Click Montauk Colony to learn more. A capitalism if appropriates of a territory that does not belong it, compelling the people who inhabit there to go for other places, not being nor there for the diligent population. Mount […]

The Time

The practical ones of edfico character say respect to the ground in itself, looking for to keep its fertility for plants basing if on: elimination or control of the forest fires; fertilizations; rotation of cultures. If the forest fires will be effected quite frequently leave the ground naked, what it increases the erosion and it […]

Partnereconomic Representation

Summary: As the social representations make possible to the people the perception of its proper thoughts, its ideas, its vision of world, its attitudes in relation to the daily life, constructing and reconstructing new representations, the moment arrived to understand as the diverse segments of the society of $fortaleza that inhabit the neighborhoods of the […]