The practical ones of edfico character say respect to the ground in itself, looking for to keep its fertility for plants basing if on: elimination or control of the forest fires; fertilizations; rotation of cultures. If the forest fires will be effected quite frequently leave the ground naked, what it increases the erosion and it reduces the useful nutrients for plants and also contributes for the atmospheric pollution. The fertilizations aim at to develop in the ground nutrient and to correct the natural deficiencies of the same. Rotation of cultures bases if in not repeating the same culture in the same local, to the alternating rotation a culture that has greater capacity to extract nutrients of the ground with another one with lesser capacity. The practical ones of mechanical character aim at to the conservation of the ground with the use of machines most of the time make if alterations in the relief correcting its declivities, in which they concentrate waters of the torrents, that are infiltrated by the ground instead of draining. They are practical for declivous lands so that they can then be used for the plantation without the risk of the erosion. These plantios made in level curves also are called plantation in contour the plantations in this manner intercept the escorrimento of the torrent.

In lands declivities the terraciamento is one practical one efficient mechanics in the control of the erosion since that well it is planned and executed and that it receives one adequate maintenance, Lepsch tells despite: The set formed for the camalho is constructed at intervals regular in the transversal direction the inclination of the land what it allows to control torrents forcing a will be infiltrated in the ground (.). (1999, p.163). The practical ones of vegetative character are culture methods that control the erosion for the increase of the vegetal covering of the ground.