Working of differentiated form, receiving equal or similar contents to the measure from its possibilities. In this manner, Miriam Pan (2008, P. 136) inquires: ' ' Who is not the pupil must adapt the school, but yes, this that if it presumes, must to become an inclusive space, in order to fulfill to its social, pedagogical paper and politician in the search for the education in diversidade' '. One knows that the professors are not prepared to work with one practical inclusive one, and that it is not a task exclusively of the professor. It is necessary, support of the family, pedagogical and professional team qualified in special education. When planning its lessons, the professor will have to be worried about the ways and instruments so that fact happens learning.

As for methodologies and organization didactic of lessons, can to contemplate works in group that despertem values of cooperation and respect and that they make possible diversified forms of expression, and not only the verbal expression and writing. (MIRIAM PAN, 2008, p.135). The Art is so important in the life of the children and adolescents, who are of the school, we find some groups social that they work with children excluded for the society, where music, dances theater and visual arts are used as to awake sensitivity, intermeshing with the group and the social relations of form to think about the world. For Romanowski: In the present time, the prepositions for practical the pedagogical one include as principles of the teaching activity the respect to the ethical character of the activity of education, as well as, the importance of the presented values that conduct the educative scienter during the process, as, for example, the democratization of the education, the respect to the cultural diversity and the pupils special carriers of necessities, etc. (ROMANOWSK, 2007, p.55). One of the concerns of public school is the convivncia of the diversity human being, and the professors of Art, needs to prepare itself to work with this diversity, using itself of coherent methodologies, planning condizente with the reality of the pupils.