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Divide Land

As you fell of the sky, star of the morning, son of the white! As you were launched by land, you that you debilitated the nations! You said in your heart: I will go up to the sky; above of the stars of God I will exaltarei my throne and in the mount of the […]

Miriam Pan

Working of differentiated form, receiving equal or similar contents to the measure from its possibilities. In this manner, Miriam Pan (2008, P. 136) inquires: ‘ ‘ Who is not the pupil must adapt the school, but yes, this that if it presumes, must to become an inclusive space, in order to fulfill to its social, […]

Educative Computer

With passing of the time, some schools, perceiving the potential of this tool had introduced the Educative Computer science, that, beyond promoting the contact with the computer, had as the main objective the use of this tool as instrument of support to the substances and the lecionados contents. However this support continued tied with one […]

Education Science

Second YOU MARK (1986): ‘ ‘ The education relation is a communication relation par excellence, that it aims at to form and to inform; instruments that can be incased in this dynamics has always the possibility to serve to education. Book, video, photograph, computers and others are forms to communicate knowledge and, as such, interest […]