The chances make the being, the personality for invariant and the flexible character. Gestalt describes in its theory that the comparison is part of the transformations and accomplishment, as well as Behaviourism with the similarity. This wants to say that looking at the way and behavior of or the excessively individual one it happens and it is possible to equalize. We need a behavior model to follow. The habits and culture of a people is the register of a civilization, the community is all the group that is part of the society.

The education, the politics and the religion compose the society that in turn is dictated by the culture. In the culture Greek considered as the precursors in the disruption with the common sense and the old traditions and misticismo, developing a reflection extended for the knowledge search giving origin the philosophy, geometry and astronomy. More ahead in the time she bought if the intellectual and ccomplishing and even though ambitious development of the man and in the man as during the great navigations, development of the commerce and estruturao of the cities. With the increase of the population, preparation lack, the commerce and the economy the all vapor pro appears to the strikes with the union of the workers and of improvements and regulation of the laws. The custom in following the norms dictated or inspired for philosophers and the faith was broken the barriers, giving place the reflection and searchs of one recommences literarily in this period of the Baroque one, Arcadismo, Romantismo, Realism, Naturalismo, Parnasianismo, Symbolism, Modernismo; great changes in Brazil and the world had happened and the ideas stimulating for this social Revolutions.