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Astrology Freedom

The main idea of the Signs of the Zodiac Aquarius – Freedom. One may recall the statement of Hegel, which was subsequently repeated Engels in relation to the idea of Aquarius, that freedom is conscious necessity. But freedom must Aquarius based on robust, reliable database of Capricorn. In two ruler of Aquarius: Uranus – the […]

Realism Society

The chances make the being, the personality for invariant and the flexible character. Gestalt describes in its theory that the comparison is part of the transformations and accomplishment, as well as Behaviourism with the similarity. This wants to say that looking at the way and behavior of or the excessively individual one it happens and […]

The Population

(Vygotsky, 1978). We use in our interventions the Description-Cultural boarding, therefore it works with a look that privileges the cultural and social history and factors in which the individuals are inserted, destarte not making responsible the citizen individually for its inadequate behaviors the determined contexts, since during its development the citizen if relates with others […]