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How if it can and it must live together in harmony? Obviously that it will not fit, exclusively, to this or that domain of the knowledge, this or that individual, separately considered; to this or that community, to modify the current state of the world, in strong and competent the measure where it has a […]

Voluntary Scholarship

Voluntary scholarship holder/: Appeared Maria Vieira Telephone/email: 087 – 9988-6678 Hotel: Vestibule Necktie Formador Professor: Glory Maria Duarte Cavalcanti Orienting Professor: Glory Pablo and Selma Melo – Sciences of the Nature Cristiane and Fabiana – Accurate REPORT OF ACTIVITIES Thematic Axle 2? SYSTEMS OF PRODUCTION AND PROCESSES OF WORK IN the FIELD (Source so great […]

Martin Luther

The concern of Freud was in understanding the impact of the desencantamento in the psychic life of the modern citizens. In this point, the social behavior of the masses, a time can be approached that the abandonment also could mean the necessity to search protection, a voice of defense for the one identification ‘ ‘ […]

Astrology Freedom

The main idea of the Signs of the Zodiac Aquarius – Freedom. One may recall the statement of Hegel, which was subsequently repeated Engels in relation to the idea of Aquarius, that freedom is conscious necessity. But freedom must Aquarius based on robust, reliable database of Capricorn. In two ruler of Aquarius: Uranus – the […]

Interrupted Communication

INTERRUPTED COMMUNICATION: Development and Learning in the relation with the Professor. ROSE, C.R; CASSIANO, J.M. Graduandos of the Course of Filosoifa? Puc-Campinas SUMMARY the present article has as objective to display a theory from the description-cultural boarding of Lev. S. Vigotsky and to extend it until the conception of the theory of the learning developed […]