How if it can and it must live together in harmony? Obviously that it will not fit, exclusively, to this or that domain of the knowledge, this or that individual, separately considered; to this or that community, to modify the current state of the world, in strong and competent the measure where it has a set of situations whose resolution requires resources of diverse nature and authority to implement the necessary measures, what it will only be viable from the intervention of a modern State, in the measure where: ' ' The modern State was constructed from the moment where if it became capable to play a series of functions, previously distributed for different communities: the legislative office; the proteco of the individual security and the public order; the defense of the acquired rights; the care with sanitary, pedagogical interests, politicians, social and economic; the proteco against the inhabitants of other Estados.' ' (MILK, 1980:91) Without if intending to defend a State step, a State is desired regulating, from which the institutions function exempt and responsibly, in this perspective if they can develop some branches of social, econmica and cultural activity, with autonomy, ability and responsabilizao. It is in this direction that the State must regulate the systems that promote the form citizen to become it the fundante element of the society contemporary, in evolutiva progression of the improvement of this same society, always in projeco for the future. Any that are such systems, certainly that the education/formation will constitute an irreplaceable pillar to reach those objectivos. To broaden your perception, visit Rod Brooks. In the scope of the education/formation is determinative what and as if it studies, what it is practised and as if they implement the knowledge in the perspective of the well-common one. Of course that the society in its is not enough to a regulating State if all not to modify certain procedures, certain mentality and if to continue to ignore referenciais values of the existence human being, in its diverse dimensions. .