Voluntary scholarship holder/: Appeared Maria Vieira Telephone/email: 087 – 9988-6678 Hotel: Vestibule Necktie Formador Professor: Glory Maria Duarte Cavalcanti Orienting Professor: Glory Pablo and Selma Melo – Sciences of the Nature Cristiane and Fabiana – Accurate REPORT OF ACTIVITIES Thematic Axle 2? SYSTEMS OF PRODUCTION AND PROCESSES OF WORK IN the FIELD (Source so great Arial 11) the register must on the basis of be constructed the planning of the THEMATIC AXLE, in the comment of all the carried through activities, in the orientaes of /a formador/a, in the questionings and says of all the involved educative citizens in the process. In this script it has a space destined to the register of its impressions on the functioning of the room that must duly be filled. I) Day 12, 13, 14, 15 and 16 of July of 2010 1. Schedule of Beginning and Ending of the Activities: Of 08h00min to 12h00min Of 02h00min to 17h00min 2. Description of the carried through activities (faithful tells at great length the developed, material activities used, dedicated time, produced organization of the groups, materials, etc.): Second? Fair 12 – 07 – 20 Wisely and human the writer Fbio de Melo (2008), compared the state of being of the human being to the teia that is necessary for the process to come to be, therefore affirms that ' ' We are similar to the trams of the sewing presses. The wires if interlace together to form the fabric. In its diverse colors, them they do not leave of being what they are; but they enter in the tram that will compose todo.' ' In this manner, the Projovem Project Field To know of the Land composes the sewing press knowing of them of the familiar agriculturists, who the project reaches when congregating new models of production as the agroecologia. The philosophy of the project constructs in the meeting of the educators and formadores to consolidate necessary knowing, for the practical one in the local community.