A medicine called Panacea became popular since the middle ages. It was used for everything: from pains of childbirth until simple empachos. Soon gave consumers realize that the medication was used to damn the thing, but the most powerful advertising, the word of mouth, had exalted it. The problem is that there is a simple panecea, which are public policies and credit expensive and scarce for their survival for the ills of companies in Mexico. Mexico requires a new breed of entrepreneurs. Some already gestate in incubators at universities, municipalities and Government itself. But it is not enough.

The strength of the economy should be on private initiative. When have you seen a magazine in Texas, for example, live advertising counties and Government?. The multitude of ads, from small boxes to double pages are from companies and individuals. We have a model to follow as the Japanese did when they decided to lavantarse after the bloody second world war. They imitated the best from other countries in ports, airports, companies, shops and are example to follow. Everyone, without exception, we want to improve our quality of life, the well-being of our environment and be proud of the advances in so many niche markets that are there waiting to be conquered. But as the dream is not possible without capital, we must start with small businesses that can be joined together in various clusters of production such as Italy which, for example, is a leader in the manufacturing of office furniture that have conquered the world. Come together in a marketing company and earnings in an equitable manner is distributed.

Or as Germany, where the employer is the majority shareholder with 51 percent of the shares and the rest is divided equally between workers and the Government. It is an impressively powerful economy. Desire there is. Lack capital and leaders that will promote the creation of companies under innovative schemes that are already established abroad. Because while we are the migration of 400 thousand Mexican per year leave us a country without labor, without brains and without hope. Do you, do not think dear reader? Of the box girl Larry Page, co-founder of Google US House next month of December. With a personal fortune estimated by Forbes magazine at $ 18 billion, its most important asset is its youth. Along with Sergey Brin, Larry rose to international fame by launching Google and it is believed that in the immediate term their fortunes of skyrocket by a new vein of gold they found: television advertising on the internet. Another project, the world’s largest digital library is in abeyance by copyright. Meanwhile, young entrepreneurs will end 2013 married coffers flush with billions of dollars and a good part of the future of the internet in your hands. A bearer symptom that you’re entering the golden years is when you do sport and all world tell you what you are doing.