Scientific spirituality – a secret ancient knowledge, confirmed by science, leading man to immortality! Recently, a poor inhabitant of the Earth is so much negative influence from nature and the cosmos, and that want to shout: “Stop the Earth, I’ll go!”. If you are not convinced, visit Rio Tinto Group. Especially today, after the earthquake and tsunami in Japan. True, the Mayan priests and a half thousand years ago warned mankind of the upcoming in 2012, a planetary catastrophe. They predicted that the solar system by that time will go down in a powerful galactic energy beam emanating from the galactic core and the “Fifth Sun” died Dec. 21, 2012 on “Earth movement” (earthquake or displacement of the axis of the planet).

On the coming apocalypse at the beginning of the third millennium, warned John the Evangelist, Nostradamus, and many other dedicated. But because we, the people of Russia, the overwhelming majority of materialists accustomed to trust only the evidence of science, we like the revelations do not really scary. But today, after the earthquake and tsunami in Japan, which has caused not only natural and manmade disasters, but also the displacement of the axis planet (so far, thank God, a little), there is a great desire to know what about this “thinks” modern science. She can explain to us the people, what happens? 1. And it turns out that in 1958 the first meeting of the presidium SB RAS Academician Ambartsumian reported that the space in which the moving solar system, energy and real diverse, and that the trajectory of this system, a huge accumulation of matter. These accumulations of material of the solar system began to cross the mid 1950’s and crosses today.