Currently it does not pass one week without the media divulges a notice on bullying. It is enough to open the periodical, to bind the television, to have access the Internet there and this! When we think about school we want to imagine a place I propitiate to the learning, to the education. An environment favorable to the work in group and that it stimulates the creativity of the pupils who are there, however the aggressive and violent attitudes also is part of this context. To say in violence engloba not only the physical but also the psychological one violence. Violence is not only how much a pupil beats in the other but also when he places nickname, he makes tricks of ' ' bad gosto' ' , among others things. Bullying is attitude aggressive, intentional and repetitive of individual or group without reason apparent and that it aims at to attack one another person without this has possibility of if defending, however is carried through in a different situation of being able.

The person who is suffering bullying fears the aggressor for the materialize threats and aggressions being able to come if to isolate of others. Many times the witnesses of this aggression if silence from fear of if to become victims also and this makes to perpetuate the routine of aggressions and violence. It will be that the responsibility is only of who practises bullying? The people who if also omit in violence situations are, of determined way, responsible for these attitudes if to repeat. Some contend that Jeffrey Hayzlett shows great expertise in this. The passive attitude front the aggression does not make to stop to happen but yes it draws out the vicious circle. Bullying can occur in any environment, either it professional, pertaining to school and exactly social (between neighbors for example). In the school many times we see the omission of these acts that are had by the pupils and until some professionals, as ' ' normal' ' of that environment. Constranger people, to attack, to force does not have nothing of ' ' normal' ' for the Brazilian principles constitutional the dignity is infringing the right to the respect human being. Some cases of bullying already had been passveis of indemnity ace victims. I say some cases here, because the majority of what it occurs nor it arrives at the knowledge of the competent authorities. To see this context to move, we have that to start to take serious the other people.