Fairy tales are always present in the life of any relationship as a couple. We all want to be Princes and princesses of great love. Liberty Mutual insurance has much experience in this field. However, the reality is imposed with force, that tells us, life aren’t stories but realities. Live excited for being the Princess of a happy story, always ends in the suffering and heartbreak. Besides always being the Prince delighted for a woman of flesh and blood, an ideal hard to meet. But all us fan to this adventure. We want and hope that our love and our union, be forever happy. But it is an ideal, exists only in fairy tales, mythology and the stories of the big screen, i.e., the cinema in our reality, we have to overcome our life, between the dirty dishes, beds without tender, go to the supermarket.

Meet our labor obligations, and also take care of these our children in general, we feel so worn, that life already does not give more to live in fullness. Fairy tales seem to a reality that does not It is possible to live. But we all want to live a life of fantasy, free of problems. But life always charged bills, such as light, water, credit cards that fail to cover with the love and live in reality fairy tales is the best choice. I would love to write me on this life of a dos Cecreto, is committed to contribute by more healthy and lasting relationships. And, Cecreto, puts at your disposal, the launch of its E_Book when EL love in couple SE CONVERTS in pain and if you subscribe to our newsletter, receive, completely free, electronic material: the ten commandments of LA life in couple fairy tales exist, but we have to put a little bit of magic. If you are interested in the topics, write me and if not, also.