Mount of So Paulo, exuberant place where the essence is denied, where the appearance is only seen. A capitalism if appropriates of a territory that does not belong it, compelling the people who inhabit there to go for other places, not being nor there for the diligent population. Mount of So Paulo is a territory without proper identities, where its marks had been lost, that is, the capitalist system wanted in such a way to mercantilizar that territory that this left of being a proper space with its proper individualities and characteristics to be something copied of other regions, of other realities. It was since the consumerism reigns there, the things gain values excessive, small merchandises exceed its original price, thus it perceives that space is vendido, or better, the things when they are in that territory for simpler than either there go to be expensive, therefore the price only is not inlaid in the product, but also in the space where this product is. The space total was modified thanks to the tourism.

There it is a mercantile territory, the capitalist relations are well clear, exploration of the worker that do not perceive this relation. For the applied questionnaires many had been to the answers of the workers, however these had been almost that the same one. When inquired if its wage he is condizente with its expenditures and if these possess adequate conditions of work say that yes that there everything is good and that the only problem of Mount of So Paulo is the drugs that later that a paradise became, to many they take them tourists for there and that the marginality index, of crimes is very high. Thus one perceives that the population obtains to associate the negative changes to the tourism, however they are not identified as diligent classroom that however is explored pra the welfare of the capitalism. They evaluate its work as excellent that there they know new people the all instant, who can know the culture and thus not they need nor to leave its place to know the world.