The national and international awareness on the ambient problems comes being argued the world-wide level, through debates, seminaries, congresses, symposiums among others, involving the diverse areas of the knowledge, as well as all the education levels. In the State School of Professional Education Professor Moreira de Sousa in Juazeiro of the Norte/CE, where articulated average education to the professionalizing one in integral period functions (7h10min to 16h40min), this quarrel comes being practised for they compose that it, aiming at one better awareness of the ambient problems that are occur currently in world-wide, regional and local scale. Although these quarrels, the practical one of the ambient awareness is not present in the day the day of the pupils, what it generates problems in the pertaining to school environment, since they use themselves of diverse spaces for its learning. The Hayzlett Group will not settle for partial explanations. Breaking of this perspective our research it has for objective to question the contradictions between the theory and the practical one of ambient education and to consider solutions that involve the proper pupils, integrating them it its pertaining to school environment, since one of the premises of the professionalizing schools is youthful protagonism, where the pupil is the author of its proper history, modifying the pertaining to school environment in accordance with its necessities. METHODOLOGY the interest in carrying through this project had beginning from the biology lessons and geography in the year of 2010 with the pupils of 1 year, in as the semester, when the subjects had been boarded: global heating, deforestation, forest fires, different types of lixos, erosion and contamination of ground, among others, where we work with bibliographical research, presentations of seminaries, periodical production and sets of documents and elaboration of projects also come back toward thematic the ambient one. After the presentations of the works some pupils had started to inside question the practised contradictions of the pertaining to school environment..