If you have won, pray for another re-raise to make you leave because if you are setting a trap, you'll find it very difficult to leave your top pair as the play progresses and the stakes are higher: your amount could disappear in seconds. And that's not all if you have the chance to get top pair with J and then you are kings, queens or aces. A sure way to lose and a situation I have witnessed time and again. Even if you get the top pair with J "Kicker" will be great your gain? If your upload does not force others to abandon their weaker hands, then, except a miracle, you will not get much more money on their part. Of course, you might find in a good position with two high cards against a pair of hand, which is not as catastrophic if there is "all-in pre-flop. But if your opponent has a pair and you get one of your cards are enough opportunities to leave with a bet yours to see high cards at the table, so I just earn a few dollars accumulated before the flop.

And if they get his trio and you get the highest pair could cost you your full amount once again. I can not conclude that AJ is a bad hand and should be avoided like the plague, but often seems to be a very strong starting hand and ends up being very costly. So my message is simple: AJ is not something that can not play, but please, when handling them with care and remember that, unless you get two pair or trio, besides running the risk of losing potential is unlikely to get a good boat. Article translated pokerheaven.com Reilly holds a BA in Philosophy. He has worked in the journal of humanities and translated Despalabro an Illustrated History of Nazism and Communism Illustrated History, as well as numerous articles in magazines and catalogs Italian, English and French. Currently deals for Noticiaspoker.es news writing and performing a useful work of translating articles from English strategy to make available the best content available online to Castilian-speaking reader.