Once again, the editors organized avtozhurnala Sport Auto tested 11 models of UHP-tire size 235/35R19. As a test vehicle used Ford Focus RS. In severe trials have already been tested and new models of both dry and wet surface of the "old", which include Michelin Pilot Sport PS2, showed excellent results. For example, when checking the handling on dry roads experts put this model in the assessment of 49 points (maximum score of 50 points were Only tires Pirelli). In a test to withstand prolonged stress on dry roads, where the estimated change in ride quality after 10 additional bus rides, the best were Nokian (20 points), and well-established in 2003 Michelin – above average (17 points). Hopefully, the novelty – Michelin Pilot Sport 3 (already appears on the market, but in other sizes) will also become a recognized leader in the tests on a dry surface.

Sport Auto Experts have put forward new criteria for evaluating the accuracy of the reaction on the steering – now bus, which depend on the maximum grade must show not only flawless response to the steering, but also the ability to withstand a long distance ride in the tough conditions on the race track. And here again was the best Michelin. Braking performance was measured on a dry surface with a speed of 100 km / h, estimate Michelin – 28, were in front of Continental, Bridgestone and Pirelli, scored 30 points. Any specialist, any customer first interested in the behavior of tires on wet surfaces, verification of performance under such conditions is usually paid much attention. For the evaluation of control on wet surfaces was organized by the 10 races on the track at Hockenheim. And this time estimate was exhibited in accordance with the opinion of the pilots on loss of control and precision response. Taken into account for this, of course, and the degree of wear of the tread.

So, Michelin in the test for controllability at wet surface shows rather modest results in 25 points (compare: Hankook and Bridgestone – 30), and on road performance and accuracy of response to the steering – a great (maximum 20 points). The experts noted some weaknesses in the Michelin tires wet surface, explained their sporty character, but exhibited a well-deserved rating of "highly recommended". Problems with braking (from 100 km / h) on a wet surface and did not go unnoticed in this test was able to earn only 14 points out of 20 possible. But the resistance to longitudinal aquaplaning in Michelin Pilot Sport PS2 is quite decent, experts have estimated it at 8 points (maximum – 10), the best in this test were Vredestein and Bridgestone. Thus, in testing the UHP-tire size 235/35R19 Michelin Pilot Sport PS2, as previously, shows excellent results: 144 out of 150 possible points on dry roads, and 79 out of 100 – in the wet, as a result of 223 points at the maximum possible 250.