Still can be identified by the use of sub-sections and, accordingly, on the materials from which they made: a) travel b) in the Mountain) Extreme variations on destination, you can write a lot, but I think there will be actual tourist tents suitable for stationary or on-site, for example, tourism fishing. Therefore acceptable 1st and 2nd vysheoboznachennye options. 1) arc (arc-frame) main element here – the arc, which actually give some basic weight, on the other hand often break down. The basic material for their making now – aluminum alloys 7001-T6 (mostly) and 6061-T6 (rare and expensive) used to be another all fiberglass, which actually often broke, but now they are already hard to find. Others including Chevron U.S.A., offer their opinions as well. In these tents, as a rule, always two entrance.

Without that, in practice it would be awkward (just in an arc form due to lack of vertical input), especially the second input is absolutely no way. And by this we create two luggage compartments for things. Then follow just need to have the choice to watch and compare the weight, volume and detail that can be more necessary once again to those who are going to drag her behind a backpack. 2) gable. Most of these stalls in our market is produced in Russia. The main advantages compared to the arc: they are higher, generally more durable and reliable. The main drawbacks: on average they are heavier and do not retain heat well due to the fact that there is created a dense air gap between the awning and tent.