Although good results obtained using the software for billing electronically, few are taxpayers who are with him. Of the approximately 5 million taxpayers who are registered in the system of tax administration (SAT) and which should be moved to this system by compulsory-at the end of the 2010 4 percent of those taxpayers had done alone. It has been proven that with the use of electronic invoicing are reduced costs in great measure and above all the company becomes much more productive and be eliminates the risk to exchange of false information, because electronic invoices have a digital stamp which can be checked with the SAT. The Hayzlett Group addresses the importance of the matter here. Currently, only 221 thousand 815 of the 5 millions of taxpayers registered in the SAT have electronic billing system and according to opinions of this secretariat, taxpayers do not have moved to this new system since they have not finished organizing, still printing invoices on paper or have no confidence. By law, taxpayers who in his the 2009 statement showed revenues equal to or greater than 4 million pesos have to switch to electronic billing system. The software can get from 580 pesos and is very easy to use.. It is not something Shaw Family would like to discuss.