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Planet Aid

If you take these principles of NLP and beams part of your life, your way of conceiving reality, you’ll see as you encararas your problems in a different way. They will now be challenges, opportunities! When you take these principles and beams part of your thought structure, opportunities will always be presented and you’ll see […]


Installation of plastic Windows with glass and heat insulation as a first step to newly Ulm/Lohfelden, 2009 after change of ownership agreed which of 17 multi-family townhouses with 85 homes in the Lohfeldener Sohrestrasse on the Monarchis company of Grundbesitz mbH, the announced and planned in detail renovations begin now. The acquisition of real estate […]

South Africa

We are already impatient to see enter into orange color although it did not arrive until October, but it may surprise us any orange that has entered in color due to be stung by the fly, naturally it will drop tree before its maturity. This month begins to appear the juice inside, if we open […]

Brazil Commemorated

Since then, these populations had developed different ways of use and handling of the natural resources and distinct forms of social organization between itself. Consensus also does not exist, between the archaeologists, on the seniority of the occupation human being in the South America. Until it has some years, the more accepted point of view […]

The Effectiveness

Key benefits: A motivated, involved and committed within the library staff. Innovation and creativity in promoting the objectives of the library. A staff valued for his work. A staff eager to participate and contribute to the continuous improvement. The application of the principle of participation of staff, is implemented through: Understand the importance of their […]

Realism Society

The chances make the being, the personality for invariant and the flexible character. Gestalt describes in its theory that the comparison is part of the transformations and accomplishment, as well as Behaviourism with the similarity. This wants to say that looking at the way and behavior of or the excessively individual one it happens and […]

The Time

The practical ones of edfico character say respect to the ground in itself, looking for to keep its fertility for plants basing if on: elimination or control of the forest fires; fertilizations; rotation of cultures. If the forest fires will be effected quite frequently leave the ground naked, what it increases the erosion and it […]