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The Laws

As it is the case with the man: disembodied, what is currency of the invisible, it doesn’t seem to be part of the concrete underworld, belonging, by contrast, the world of the tutelary and heaven. Knowledge who had never in their time has been master of nothing (to continue with this materialism), although at times […]


They came to the village where were going, and he made that he would further. But they forced him to stay, saying: stay with us, because it’s getting late, and the day has already declined. He came because he has stay with them. And it came to pass that sitting with them at table, he […]

Murdoch Touched The Future

Monterrey, N.L.-close to 81 years of age, meet the media magnate, Rupert Murdoch pulls out his past youth and amazes the world with its new editorial offer, a newspaper of the future today: The Daily. Along with Steve Jobs, the creative genius of the iPad launched on January 19 the first fully digital newspaper will […]