Monterrey, N.L.-close to 81 years of age, meet the media magnate, Rupert Murdoch pulls out his past youth and amazes the world with its new editorial offer, a newspaper of the future today: The Daily. Along with Steve Jobs, the creative genius of the iPad launched on January 19 the first fully digital newspaper will be seen initially in the iPads and later in all tablets with Android system. At the beginning of the last alno Murdoch had rejected that the Apple iPad was important in the expansion of his media empire. But big businessmen know recapitulate. The owner of The Wall Street Journal, and The New York Post in the United States, The Sun and The Times in England and more than half centener of daily and weekly publications in his native Australia you bet on the future. Now do not need an expensive building nor a huge Rotary that prints its new day-rio., nor use a flotilla of cars for getting the new newspaper already not rotating to the public goal It will be the reader not only New York, but throughout the world. With a credit card and the system believe Pay Pal will buy a dollar seven editions of the week.

The newspaper will not have leagues, only hojeara and may boost the size; you don’t have a web site. They already acuartelan a hundred of journalists who begin the adventure of the newspaper from the future, in this new century of just 10 years that holds great strides. With the mere fact does not use paper ahorran billions of tons and saved another equal or greater amount of trees. In addition, the newspaper will save another mega flotilla of cast and will not contribute to pollution. The Daily is the parteguas in the history of journalism in the world and will be a milestone in the accumulation of readers: 100 thousand is the goal 500 thousand daily readers and initial medium-term goal.