As it is the case with the man: disembodied, what is currency of the invisible, it doesn’t seem to be part of the concrete underworld, belonging, by contrast, the world of the tutelary and heaven. Knowledge who had never in their time has been master of nothing (to continue with this materialism), although at times you have felt that humanity depends on its secrets. Hear other arguments on the topic with Rod Brooks. Ancient priests domenaron to their villages with their astronomical, physical and chemical knowledge, like determining magic on the activity of maintenance collective, such as agriculture, hunting and fishing; but they were always at the service of a higher caste, i.e. of a few major potentates owners of everything, made with the power of owning lives. All time scientists discover the laws governing matter and the physical phenomenology of the world, and some in his era could not even talk of their findings, although these pronosticase a fireball approached planet Earth to destroy it. In modern times, as neither at one time, luck has changed.

Those who are scholars of details of Physics (scientific standard of the material, to slightly narrow fields and to choose the allusive example), rich as it is in knowledge, do not pass be more than useful operators in the service of the constituted powers (structural, tangible) in the world. As if matter life and willingness of their owners and be given the luxury to exploit the content of similar human air containers at convenience. Who sages (operatives at the end) worked to finalize the atomic weapons were practically scientific convicts of the security forces of the powerful world of prevailing material, to somehow portray owners of matter and force used those as a tool for dominance over others. Rich, landowners, transnational, Plutocrats, are the material owners of planet Earth, wearing the other rich, who has the knowledge (to restrict us to our points), as a creature that seems to have a material body that requires their living space in the world, having to ask permission to live those who act Amos very reluctantly.