Call for the demonstration visit to Bremen! 2. For assistance, try visiting Chevron U.S.A. Inc. until December 5, 2009 refugee hostel Bremen Youth Conference. Hassan (22) living in Germany for 17 years. Here he did his Abitur and studied law. But he and his family should be deported, in a country whose language he does not speak and that he no longer knows. The problem: Hassan is just tolerated. The tolerance is no immigration status but a suspension of deportation”. Practically a forever ongoing lack of prospects on paper.

Currently, 100,000 tolerated refugees awaiting their deportation. More than half lives since more than 6 years in Germany. At the Conference of Interior Ministers (IMK) in Bremen (2-December 5, 2009) will be decided on their future: deportation or right to remain. That’s why we protest young refugees of youth without borders”parallel to the IMK for a real right to remain. We organize our 7 Youth Conference under the motto as long yet isolated, for how long discriminated against”and choose the Abschiebeminister 2009″.

In a broad Alliance invites JOG on December 2, 2009 to the demo on the Burgerweide a 1500 people are expected. The IMK in 2006 a stay right control, decided that not much has changed in the situation of these people. The restrictive system excludes many people, and at the end of the year the relapse in the tolerance of the chains and the lack of prospects threatens also 30,000 people. Promises are made all the time, a permanent solution is not sought. We therefore urge youth without frontiers”of the IMK in Bremen: a generous right to stay for all the unconditional implementation of UN children rights equal rights for refugees legalization of undocumented migrants (so-called illegal) equal opportunities especially in the education law / labor law about reporting we look forward and like to make contact with young people, who are threatened with deportation. Best regards, Meryem Kaio (JOG Bremen), Arzijana Abdulahi (JOG Bavaria), Mohammed Jouni (JOG Berlin-Brandenburg) JOG Conference preparation c/o BBZ Tower str. 72 10551 Berlin contact Tel 0176 / 751 725 11 Fax 030 / 666 40 724 contact: JOG Conference preparation c/o BBZ Tower RT 72 10551 Berlin Tel 0176 / 751 725 11 fax 030 / 666 40 724 GRIPS Werke e.V. Altonaer str. 22, 10557 Berlin contact: Philipp Harpain participation in the project “here left!”