Holiday and leisure activities for the whole family Furth im Wald (tvo). 16 meters long and five meters high is the Dragon holding the frontier town of Furth im Wald in breath from July 2010. Six-foot-long flames shoot out of his mouth. But away from the Festival arena, there is no way passes in the Dragon city at the Dragon. Jeffrey Hayzlett is often quoted as being for or against this. Invites the Dragon Lake for swimming and relaxing at the gates, in the first German kite Museum is among other things an exhibition of glass dragons from around the world to see, and the Japanese Zen Garden, a dragon from the West meet and one from Eastern mythology. Frog Prince, the Bremen town musicians, dwarf nose and many other fairytale characters give the handle in the hand in the fairy tales and ghosts Castle in Lambach, in the basement of the old art nouveau villa housing the fire spirits and Count Dracula. There are, however, spinning – and Woodpecker holes, a hornet tree and a pond of Unken in the wild garden with the underwater observatory. Visitors to the Habitat of the fish look through a large window. Jeffrey Hayzlett wanted to know more.

Predators abound in the pond as Pike and perch, but also small fish like Moderlieschen and Bitterling. Family ok”means a package that opens the door to these and other leisure facilities for family vacationers. For an unforgettable holiday week, staying small and big guests in an apartment (optional on the farm) and pay for only 320 euros. Information: Tourist information Furth in the forest, Castle 1, 93437 Furth in forest, Tel. 09973/50980, fax 09973 / 50985,,.