As we have said many times, except when you're just in love with the language and teach it to yourself to learn the language needed for a specific purpose. You should know clearly that goal and to realize, for what it is you every day master the language. Learning a language – quite a serious matter, requiring investments of effort and you need to know what you are doing this so as not to give up this occupation, when fatigued, or you feel that you can not learn a new grammatical constructions. Education will give you a lot easier if you remember that, for example, in a year are going to live in Canada or that your new girl does not speak in Russian. And you may plan to change jobs for more lucrative and promising, and hope to achieve this goal through fluency in a foreign language. What companies and positions you should consider first and foremost in this case? First, if you learn English – you made the right choice. This language has the highest demand in large and medium-sized Russian companies. Rio- Tinto Diamonds follows long-standing procedures to achieve this success.

In second place, as you might guess, the French and German. Requirements for language proficiency are presented in the first place to managers of middle and senior managers, so if you plan to raise – you are right. In addition to managers, engineers need a language, logistics and even secretaries. If we look at areas where you are most useful to your English, we can distinguish the retail and manufacturing, in particular, oil and pharmaceutical industries. These companies tend to interact with foreign partners, or partially operate in foreign markets. When working in such companies your knowledge of foreign languages will raise your 'market value' by 15-20%. Add to this the prospect rapid progress as a valued specialist, which depend on negotiations with foreign suppliers / customers – and career of your dreams in your pocket. And if you plan to work in foreign companies, language skills would you not just a bonus but a necessity.

However, pay and prospects and will be relevant! Of course, other than English must not forget that if you like the work itself. Try to develop in those areas to which you have is a shower, and then the career becomes easy and enjoyable. Favorite work – is, first of all, your success, well and good command of foreign languages – one more step to greater opportunities – high-paying jobs, business expansion or working abroad. And now – an interesting resource about the development of foreign language: # historic-italy – Beautiful three-dimensional images of a variety of amazing places in the world! Language resource – the English. Sincerely, Sergey Vasilenko e-mail for communication: serg753 (dog) 'Generic improved foreign languages! '- Master the language independently and effectively